Trump is such a PIECE OF SHIT!  Just about EVERYTHING is WRONG with Donald J. Trump, Senior!

Donald Trump dined with white nationalist, Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes

Trump hosts Kanye West, Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago dinner

Trump hosted Holocaust denier at Mar-a-Lago estate during visit with Kanye West, a week after announcing 2024 run

Either he is STUPID or a RACIST, probably BOTH, but we know for sure that Trump is a RAPIST PIECE OF SHIT!

E. Jean Carroll files new sexual assault lawsuit against Trump after NY legal change

E. Jean Carroll sues Trump under New York Adult Survivors Act

Trump is a LOSER!

Trump’s Dirty Mind!

Trump is all washed up!  (But he still has a Dirty Mind!)

Sen. Lisa Murkowski wins re-election in Alaska, fending off Trump-backed challenger Kelly Tshibaka

Lisa Murkowski Wins Re-election in Alaska, Beating a Trump-Backed Rival

Lisa Murkowski and Mary Peltola win Alaska races, defeating Trump-backed opponents

Trump is a LOSER!

Ex-Trump official on why he thinks Trump will lose in 2024

Trump LEFT the Christians!

Trump Bragged ‘the Evangelicals’ Would ‘Never’ Leave Him. Then the Defections Began

Trump is, always has been and always will be a RAPIST!

E. Jean Carroll files new sexual assault lawsuit against Trump after NY legal change

Trump sucks!  Bigly!

DARTH (Trump) tax-eVADER!

Darth TAX-EVADER!  Trump has finally been ordered by The Supremes to release only the last six years of his taxes.  That’s only his term as president and the first two years of Biden’s.  WHAT THE FUCK!

Trump rips Supreme Court after ruling he hand over tax records

Trump’s rough day in court ends with a double defeat

Besides, it’s the end of this Democratic Congress, so when the Republicans take the House over in 2023 then they will shut that shit down quick!

So what is Trump so angry about?  As DARTH TAX-EVADER he has RUN-OUT-THE-CLOCK!  The bigly orange cock!

In OTHER Trump screws!

If DeSantis Wins the Nomination, Trump Will Endorse Him

NO!  Don’t count on it, because the Primary Election was stolen!

SCOTUS rejects Trump, Army vet hero talks Club Q shooting: 5 Things podcast

Bigly deal!  SCOTUS Rejects everything these days, even FIFTY-YEAR OLD LAWS and RIGHTS!

Trump allies shed fear of former boss as they eye 2024

Big bigly deal!  It’s like shedding an old SNAKE-SKIN!

Trump Org. X-Mas bonus list is a heart attack on a chart, accountant testifies


China’s Xi Misses Donald Trump, Too. It’s Not Just Putin.

THE ONLY PEOPLE who really miss Trump are COMMUNISTS and dumbasses (pretty much the same people)!

Trump: The Bigly Orange COCK!

Trump is so over!  (“R” stands for REDS, Russians, Retards, Reprobates, and Republicans!  Get used to it!  Russians are REDS and so are Republiscum!)

Seven Republicans most likely to challenge Trump in 2024

Opinion | What Makes Trump Different From DeSantis and Other Republicans

Ooh!  Ooh!  Teacher!  I can answer that,  TRUMP IS AN ASSHOLE TO EVERYONE,  DeSantis is just a regular asshole!  Both are Republiturd ASSHOLES, but Trump is a BIGLYER ASSHOLE than DeSanctimonious!  (Both are Republicunts!)

Late Night Reacts to Trump’s Reinstatement to Twitter

Basically, Elon FUCKED-UP AGAIN!  He also FUCKED-UP with TESLA and SPACE-X!

Supreme Court clears way for House to get Trump’s taxes

Supreme Court Allows House Democrats to Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns

Supreme Court clears way for Trump tax records to be sent to Congress by IRS

THE BIGLY ORANGE COCK, ran out the clock.  Hickory DICKory dock!  (Dock for DOCUMENTS!  Those he STOLED and those he kept us from seeing.  Trump is a DICK!)


Trump is a TURD!

Pompeo is PATHETIC!

DeSantis is DISTURBED!

West is a WACK-A-DOODLE!

Musk is a MUTANT!

McCarthy is a MUTT!

Jordan is a JERK!

Cruz is a CRUD!

Rubio is a RETARD!

Abbott is an ABORTION!

Those are YOUR Republicans who are all REDS!

(p.s.  Putin is a Pissant!)


Trump and The GOP are little more than PIG SLOP!  Trump may be WEAK …

Donald Trump is at his weakest political position in years

… but HE still emits a STRONG BAD SMELL, some would even call it a STENCH!  (Even Trump would call it “a STENCH like you have never smelt before!”)

2024 Republican rivals put Trump on notice

Trump may not make it to the primaries

These prominent Republicans are speaking out against Trump’s 2024 run

There is no such thing as a “PROMINENT REPUBLICAN”!  They are nothing more than Repukelickers kissing Trump’s Bigly Orange Wrinkled ASS at Mar-a-Lago (FAKE home of Illegal CLASSIFIED Documents that Trump stoled from The White House).  Remember how McCarthy Flew Down To KISS TRUMP’s BUTT after calling him out for the January 6th INSURRECTION!  Anyone who was once a Republican and calls him or herself one now, is nothing more than TRUMP SCUM!  Kevin McCarthy is TRUMP SCUM!!!

Trump’s growing GOP challengers revive fears of 2016 repeat

Trump Challengers?  More like Trump Wannabes!

Trump snubs Twitter after Musk announces reactivation of ex-president’s account

Musk draws fire after lifting Twitter ban on Donald Trump

Elon Musk and Trump’s Terrifically Stupid Return to Twitter

Jack White leaves Twitter after Musk reinstates Trump: ‘Shame on you’

Musk is just a “TRUMP ASS TASTER”!

Trump Family’s Newest Partners: Middle Eastern Governments

It figures!  Trump HATES America and Americans!  Trump is IN LOVE WITH a Communist Dictator, works for a Communist War Monger, fed the BESTEST Chocolate Cake to a Chinese Commie at Mar-a-Lago, and does sword dances with Saudi Killers!  Why wouldn’t Trump partner-up with Arabs rather than Americans?  TRUMP IS A TRAITOR!  Trump is a MURDERER! (Do you really believe Jeffrey Epstein hung himself with two guards watching his every move?  Seriously!  Trump paid-them-off and paid for Jeff to be MURDERED in his cell!  Trump paid for the Jeff Epstein MURDER in his PRISON CELL, on DOUBLE SUICIDE WATCH, with bed sheets!  I am more certain of THAT, than I am that Saudi Arabian ‘King-to-be’ MBS ordered the killing and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi.  I am certain of THAT!  So is the bulk of the U.S. Government except the Republitards!  WAKE THE FUCK UP! PEOPLE!!)

GOP goop and Trump the chump!

Yet another DUMBASS action by Elon which will eventually KILL TWITTER!  (The TWIT!)

Elon Musk Reinstates Trump’s Twitter Account

Twitter was already in disarray. Trump’s return will only make it more chaotic

Donald Trump reacts after Elon Musk reinstates his Twitter account, ending lifetime ban

Other news about Trump the chump!

DeSantis, Others Draw Distinctions With Trump in 2024 GOP Nomination Race

DeSantis, Pence, Haley, other potential 2024 Trump rivals mostly play it cool at donor confab

Pence: Dobbs decision ‘among most consequential’ Trump legacies

For experts, the evidence in two probes compels charging Trump

Everything seems to revolve around Trump.  Why is that?  Maybe, because, Trump is still the main CHUMP!

The fact is, The Trump Administration was the LEAST TRANSPARENT Administration since before Washington.

Trump White House blocked dozens of new government websites

And, the Trumper’s are LOSERS!

Video ‘We stick with Trump, we keep losing elections’: former House Speaker Paul Ryan

LOSERS!  The GOP goop knows it too!

Trump’s growing GOP challengers revive fears of 2016 repeat

LOSERS of 2016 and the future!

DeSantis, Others Draw Distinctions With Trump in 2024 GOP Nomination Race


Pence says he was ‘disappointed’ by Meadows’s performance as Trump chief of staff

MORE and BIGLYER LOSERS!  (Pence, Meadows and ALL the Clubhouse Gang!  The GOP Goop!)

Trump, Goebbels, Hitler, Murdoch, Cruz, Lake are all LYING LIARS!

Trumpy is Up-Tet!   Is he gonna throw another TANTRUM?

What it means that a special counsel is running the Trump investigations

Former President Donald Trump attacks newly-appointed special counsel during speech at Mar-a-Lago

Trump would act ‘like a little elementary schoolchild,’ former spiritual adviser says

Trump Tantrum!  Again!

Far from being “One of the most honest…” people in government, Trump is the LYINGEST LIAR of ALL TIME!  Trump is a LIAR!  Kari Lake is a FAKE.  Mike Pence is a WIMP.  TRUMP IS A LIAR!

Trump Says He Thinks He’s The Most Honest Human Ever › watch

TRUMP IS THE MOST DISHONEST HUMAN BEING EVER.  Only Putin and The Devil are bigglyer liars than Trump, and they are small potatoes compared to Donald J, Trump, Senior!  Small potatoes because TRUMP HAS LIED MORE OFTEN THAN ALL THE LIARS IN THE WORLD COMBINED!

Trump is the LIARS LIAR and Kari Lake (the FAKE) is TRUMP IN A DRESS!

Donald Trump says he is ‘perhaps the most honest human’ ever › 2022/04/12 › donald-trump-says-h…


Trump Says He’s ‘The Most Honest Human Being God Has … › … › Race relations


Donald Trump suggests he is ‘perhaps the most honest … › … › US politics

Trump is a GOD-DAMN LIAR!

New York Post Takes Aim at Trump, and Hits a Nerve

Tell a lie big enough, often enough and people will believe it!  (Except Rupe!  Rupe tells his own lies so he knows a liar when he. sees one.  Rupe sees one named Trump.)

Joseph Goebbels On the “Big Lie” – Jewish Virtual Library › joseph-goebbels-…

THAT was NAZI Joseph Goebbels on the BIG LIE. 

Big lie – Wikipedia › wiki › Big_lie

Donald Trump has his own BIG LIE, and he keeps telling it hoping that people will believe him and his BIG LIE!  Donald Trump is a LIAR following the advice of NAZI Joseph Goebbels, and the example of NAZI Leader Adolf Hitler (who Trump aspires to be)!

Cruz slams ‘politicized’ Biden DOJ for appointing Trump special counsel: ‘Absolutely disgraceful’

As usual, Cruz does NOT KNOW what he’s talking about.  He should just go back to Cancun and see his UGLY wife!  (Ted takes trips to Cancun when Texas is too cold, and Trump said Ted’s wife is ugly!  It must be TRUE because Trump is so FUCKING HONEST!  Trump even said God made him HONEST!  If that’s  true then God is a dumbass!  Really though, I think Trump and Ted are the DUMBASSES!  It really is hard to tell which is DUMBER! God is okay.)

Trump makes Herschel look like a GOD-DAMNED GENIUS!

No!  Herschel Walker is going to sink Herschel Walker!

Is Donald Trump going to sink Herschel Walker?

Herschel Walker says in rambling speech he wants to be 

Vampires, Werewolves, and Horse Manure:

Republican Herschel Walker says in rambling … – YouTube › watch

Herschel Walker talks vampires and werewolves in Georgia

AWW!  Trumpy is unhappy!

Trump Is No Longer Enjoying Himself — And It Shows

Maybe Twumpy should be a Vampire or Werewolf, because Trump is UnWappy!

Trump Used to Be a Bold Truth-Teller

I do NOT recall Trump EVER EVER EVER telling the truth!  Trump has ALWAYS been a LIAR!  ALWAYS!

GOP political operative convicted of funneling illegal foreign contributions to Trump campaign

Jesse Benton convicted of steering Russian Roman Vasilenko’s money to Trump

Russian money TO TRUMP?  When?  Where?  How?  Although it is the TRUTH!

p.s.  Twitter SUCKS!




MUSK, TRUMP and PUTIN all SUCK BIGLY!  They are the THREE STOOGES!  (Kari Lake and Blake are simply FAKE, like Silly Sarah Palin!). Musk, Trump and Putin all combined together make Herschel seem like a GENIUS!  In fact, the four of them make Kanye seem NORMAL!

Trump is a LUMP (of shit!)

Trump is ONLY running again for the MONEY he can take from his MAGA SUCKERS!  MAGAGA is the new slogan!

As Trump announces 2024 run, GOP governors do their best to look away

Trump’s running for president again. Does that get him off the legal hook?


Trump Is Trying to Intimidate Republicans Into Backing His 2024 Bid. It’s Not Working

Donald Trump can’t intimidate shit!  

Opinion | Trump Faces Five Major Investigations. He Has Dozens of Ways Out.

“Stupid People” are allowed to have OPINIONS too!  (But they should really keep it to themselves!  Remember what Abe Lincoln said:  “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt!”  Or, write a dumbass Opinion in The New York Times!)

Pelosi ignores Trump in leadership farewell speech, mentioning Bush, Obama, Biden

Watch Nancy Pelosi Completely Ignore Trump in Her Farewell Speech

A lot of people are trying to IGNORE Trump these days.  Including Republicans and his own daughter!

Weisselberg Testifies in Trump Organization Tax Fraud Trial

Ex-Trump Organization CFO says Trump family was in the dark on tax fraud scheme

Trump CHEATED even before he announced he was running again!  He better RUN!  Run all the way to MOSCOW!  (And I don’t mean the one in Idaho!)

Oops! Trump did it again!

HE DID IT!  Only this time there was no Golden Escalator!  (He was more like a ‘Golden Shower’ on America and Americans!) Even Donald Trump didn’t seem to like Donald Trump!  He was so low energy!

Former President Donald Trump announces 2024 bid for White House

Trump ignores GOP rivals and stolen election claims in 2024 presidential announcement

Big Donors like Steve Schwarzman Back Away From Donald Trump

Ivanka skips Trump’s 2024 announcement: ‘I do not plan to be involved in politics’

Ivanka Trump says she will not be part of Donald’s 2024 campaign

Lots of people, including Steve and Ivanka, do NOT want Trump to RUN in 2024 and will back away from him!

Broadcast networks take a pass on Trump campaign announcement

Pence says ‘I think we’ll have better choices’ than Trump in 2024

Almost EVERYONE ‘ignored’ Trump and his dumb announcement.  Why?  Maybe it had something to do with Trump’s LACK of performance during the MidTerm Elections.

Midterm elections 2022: Republicans still waiting on House results as Trump pitches for 2024

Donald Trump and US midterms: How bad was his night?

Trump was WORTHLESS!  Almost ALL of Trump’s big liars LOST!  Trump should be ‘ignored’, by ALL!